BB King, 9/11 and Me

I saw BB King the other night and I have a feeling that it may be the last time. He’s 85 now and touring still like a house-afire but he doesn’t play Lucille as much as he once did nor does he sing more than song or two straight through. I’m not complaining by any means. I love BB and his band and anytime I see him  is a pure delight, but asking for any more at this point seems like wanting too much. I’m grateful for what he’s already given. I remember fondly when he could stand for the whole show, and sing up a storm. Nowadays, he does a lot of talking between songs, although when he sings or plays, he’s right on his game. He’s still a charmer in every word he speaks, but I spend a lot of the show remembering what once was and missing out on what’s happening now.

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