Gratitude for a Magical, Manic Month

 weddingThis has been a memorable, yet exhausting month that began with a landmark family event and ended with a huge event of global proportion that was shared, coincidentally, with the very person involved in the beginning of the month event – and what a month it’s been!

My eldest son married his longtime girlfriend-then-fiancé on September 2nd, and the rehearsal and dinner were the evening before. While for most, Labor Day weekend is often greeted with sadness, signifying the end of beloved summer, for us it was a weekend to look forward and the primary focus of our summer months. In fact, summer fun seemed secondary this year as we busily prepared for this momentous family event. In a flash, that wonderful weekend was over and we plunged into the next things on the docket as the happy honeymooners made their way to Jamaica. Within a day or so, my youngest son left for his second year of college and all of a sudden, I was alone – living alone for the first time in my entire life; well, as alone as one can be with 3 grown cats, one frisky kitten and two insubordinate dachshunds.

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BB King, 9/11 and Me

I saw BB King the other night and I have a feeling that it may be the last time. He’s 85 now and touring still like a house-afire but he doesn’t play Lucille as much as he once did nor does he sing more than song or two straight through. I’m not complaining by any means. I love BB and his band and anytime I see him  is a pure delight, but asking for any more at this point seems like wanting too much. I’m grateful for what he’s already given. I remember fondly when he could stand for the whole show, and sing up a storm. Nowadays, he does a lot of talking between songs, although when he sings or plays, he’s right on his game. He’s still a charmer in every word he speaks, but I spend a lot of the show remembering what once was and missing out on what’s happening now.

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