Buzzing Through Each Day

256px-Busy_beeIn spite of my best intentions, it’s been nearly two months since I last blogged. There’s been lots going on that I would have liked to have written about, but for one reason or another, I’ve been immersed in so many things that I haven’t had a chance to. And it’s been all good, but I’m just engaged in more things than I can even begin to fit in a single day.

I was talking to a good friend about this a few days ago. She switched jobs last year, and in her former job we had a chance to interact almost daily. We both have a lot going on and seem to be operating on conflicting schedules, making it hard to find the time to catch up. During our brief conversation, we marveled at just how busy our lives seem to be and how there always seems to be a need to catch our breath and find a bit of balance. The truth is, though, we like everything we’re doing. Actually, it might be safe to say that we love what we’re involved in. So when it comes to culling an activity or two, neither of us seem capable at this point because we don’t want to give any of it up.

During the course of this conversation, I started to laugh. “Poor us!” I told her. “We’re busy doing a million things we love and lamenting how busy we are all of the time.” The truth is–we both feel pretty darn lucky to have so many opportunities to be involved in such fabulous things. But the reality is this; it can be pretty tiring keeping up with the whirlwind sometimes. Yet, it can be so invigorating as well to be in the thick of it all and enjoy it so much.

320px-Seafront,_Aberystwyth_(3488697095)I do miss when I don’t have time for my own personal writing, even something as simple as a blog post. When I’m too busy living my life to have that quiet time to write or just reflect on what is happening around me, I miss out. I need that time to just think, to consider what I’ve been experiencing and perhaps write it out in some capacity. While I enjoy sharing my writing, it’s really more for me; to understand what’s happening around me, perhaps analyze what I’m feeling or something that I’ve been through. It’s therapeutic and important in keeping myself grounded. As I sort out the many things swirling about, I’m realizing which things I need to let go, which are important to focus on and when, and which that I still need to pursue. So many of my friends are beginning to wind down careers; they have started thinking about slowing down their lives just a bit and yet, I have this feeling of urgency instead. There’s so very much that I still want to do, and can’t wait to move forward to. There  will never be enough hours in the day to accomplish all that I really want to do. It’s not a feeling of dissatisfaction by any means, but rather an appreciation of opportunities that continue to come my way. Every single day I am learning new things and have multiple situations to put what I’ve learned into action. How can I not want to do even more?

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